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  • Image of Stalactite slices
  • Image of Stalactite slices

Stalactite slices


Amethyst Stalactites is a beautiful gemstone. Combination of both Amethyst and stalactites is very rare and hence this stone is found only in few places in the world. It takes millions and millions of years to form this precious stalactites stone. The unique core of agate encrusted with gorgeous purple pointed crystals makes an impeccable amethyst stalactites stone.
Amethyst is found in many parts of the world abundantly. Since decades, it has been one of the desirable stones by the kings and royal families. It is believed that the stone has an intoxicating power. Since ages it has always had spiritual connection and known for its promotion of inner growth properties. Amethyst stone has a microcrystalline form. It belongs to the quartz family. Amethysts are found in the underground crevices or gaseous pockets of igneous rocks. These areas are called geodes. They look like caves. The sight of this visible crystalline formation in underground caves of igneous rocks is sight to reckon with. This stone is found in pale lavender to deep hues of purple.
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